1. bifanoland:

    Was digging through my old work folder and came across these roughs from last summer. They were originally going to be shown at a theme-park gallery run by a company that rhymes with “Bisney”. Needless to say, there was some weirdness with contract stuff and the project fell through. Thought it would be fun to share these anyhow!

    Some wonderful work in Photoshop.

  2. Famous Artist Course

    Famous Artist Course

  3. Subway Sketch 19 (82)

  4. Famous Artist Course

    Famous Artist Course

  5. Subway Sketch 22 (156)

  6. thebristolboard:

    Forgotten masterpieceComplete original art for “Shadow of the Axe” by Russ Heath (art) and Dave Sim (story) from Creepy #79, published by Warren, May 1976.

    This is great. Very creepy.

    (via wilfredotorresart)

  7. Subway Sketch 19 (81)

  8. Subway Sketch 22 (155)

  9. camposantoblog:

    Hello again. Olly here. Hi.

    I’m told that it has been too long since the last art blog was posted. So here I am, posting some art in a blog.

    These are some early sketches and colour thumbnails for environments you may see in the final game. Not pictured: Ice level. Lava level. Warp zone.

  10. Subway Sketch 18 (81)